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Green Tea - When Is The Best Time to Use It

Green tea is consumed by people all over the world who love its pleasant flavor and expect to benefit from its numerous health advantages.

Surprisingly, the time you drink the beverage might alter your ability to receive these advantages as well as your likelihood of experiencing some unfavorable side effects.

The greatest and worst times to consume green tea are discussed in this article.

Best time to consume Green Tea

In the morning

To improve attention and concentration, many people take a relaxing cup of green tea first thing in the morning.

The addition of caffeine, a stimulant that has been found to improve concentration and alertness, contributes to the drink's mind-clearing characteristics.

Green tea, unlike coffee and other caffeinated beverages, includes L-theanine, an amino acid with soothing properties.

Caffeine and L-theanine work together to increase brain function and mood without the negative side effects that come with caffeine use alone.

As a result, drinking this tea first thing in the morning is a terrific way to get your day started correctly.

Before or after exercising

Green tea may be especially useful shortly before working out, according to some study.

When compared to a placebo, eating green tea extract before exercising enhanced fat burning by 17 percent in one trial of 12 males.

Another research of 13 women found that consuming three cups of green tea the day before and another two hours before exercising enhanced fat burning.

Furthermore, one research of 20 men revealed that supplementation with 500 mg of green tea extract decreased signs of muscle injury induced by exercise.

Worst time to consume Green Tea

Before sleep

Green tea has roughly 35 mg of caffeine per cup (237 ml).

While this is significantly less than the 96 mg of caffeine found in the same volume of coffee, people who are sensitive to this stimulant may have negative effects.

Anxiety, elevated blood pressure, fidgeting, and uneasiness are all common negative effects of coffee intake. Caffeine, even when eaten up to 6 hours before bedtime, might induce sleep problems.

If you are sensitive to caffeine, you should avoid drinking green tea for up to 6 hours before bedtime to avoid sleep disturbances.

Don't consume Green Tea during meals

Green tea has many chemicals that can bind to minerals in your body and prevent them from being absorbed.

Tannins, for example, are antinutrients that inhibit iron absorption and are found in green tea.

Green tea's epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) has also been shown to bind to minerals including iron, copper, and chromium, inhibiting their absorption in the body.

Drinking this tea with meals has been shown in several studies to limit iron absorption, which might lead to a deficit over time.

As a result, it's recommended to drink green tea between meals if at all feasible, especially if you're iron or other mineral poor.

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