does tea contain nicotine

Does tea contain nicotine?

Tea is a widely used beverage across the world, but you might be shocked to hear that it contains nicotine.

Nicotine is a naturally occurring addictive chemical found in plants such as tobacco. Potatoes, tomatoes, and tea all contain trace amounts.

Despite the presence of nicotine in tea, it is absorbed differently than nicotine in cigarettes and offers relatively little health harm.

Nicotine is found in very small amounts in tea

Nicotine is found in tea leaves, as well as a few other fruits and vegetables such as potatoes and tomatoes, although only in trace amounts.

According to studies, instant black, green, and oolong teas can contain up to 0.7 mcg of nicotine per 1/2 tablespoon (1 gram) of dry weight.

However, 0.7 mcg is comparable to 0.000007 grams, thus this is a very little quantity.

In addition, one research found that brewing tea for 5 minutes only released only half the nicotine found in dried tea into the drink.

How is nicotine found in tea absorbed?

Tea has a different kind of nicotine than cigarettes and other inhaled tobacco products, which makes it less hazardous and addictive.

Your digestive tract breaks down the nicotine in liquid tea. Because 1 cup (240 ml) of liquid takes 45 minutes to empty from your stomach into your small intestine, this procedure might take several hours depending on how much you drink.

Nicotine in tea isn't thought to be capable of having the same instant, addictive effects as nicotine taken into your lungs because it's present in minute levels and absorbed through digestion.

Is it addictive?

The nicotine in tea is not addictive due to its extremely low levels and sluggish absorption rate.

It does not promote nicotine cravings or addiction, nor does it have any negative side effects. As a result, tea is safe for persons who are attempting to quit smoking.

Indeed, new study in mice suggests that the antioxidants in green tea may aid in the treatment of nicotine toxicity, which is cellular damage to the heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver caused by excessive nicotine consumption.

However, because this study is still under progress, it's uncertain if green tea would have the same benefits on humans.

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