How Many Types of Black Tea is Out There?

How Many Types of Black Tea is Out There?

The most popular variety of tea worldwide is black tea. It is very well-liked in both Eastern and Western nations and essential in the preparation of many traditional blends or beverages, including morning blends and milky teas. Learn about the most often consumed black tea varieties.

Black Tea Variations

India, Sri Lanka, and China produce the most well-known and widely consumed black teas. However, many other nations, such as Australia, England, and the United States, produce black tea. African black teas are also very well-liked due to their robust and intense flavor.

Indian Black Teas

Assam Black Tea

The most well-known tea in the world is most likely assam, which is a kind of assamica plant. There are nonetheless countless Assam teas, each with an own flavor profile but virtually usually being strong, full-bodied, and malty. Making milky teas is easy with Assam tea. It is robust, simple to brew, and always pairs nicely with milk and sugar.

Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling tea, also known as the champagne of tea, is produced in Darjeeling, India. It is made from Camellia sinensis. It brews into a lighter cup and has a distinct muscatel flavor with flowery undertones. Although Darjeeling teas can be harvested throughout the year, the first and second flushes are thought to be the best.

Chinese Black Teas

Lapsang Souchong Tea

A unique variety of black tea called lapsang souchong is produced in the Fujian province's Wuyi region. Lapsang souchong can be smoked or unsmoked, but the traditionally smoked kind is unlike any other tea in the world due to its characteristic pine wood smoke flavor and aroma. This tea pairs well with desserts and is ideal for afternoon tea.

Keemun Tea

Anhui province is the origin of qimen or keemun tea. In the past, keemun tea played a significant role in numerous tea blends, including English Breakfast. Nowadays, Qimen tea is frequently consumed alone. It has a soft fruity and mildly smokey flavor.

Dian Hong Tea

Black tea from the Chinese Yunnan province is called "dian hong." The flavor of dry leaves is strong with overtones of soil and honey, and they frequently have a lot of golden buds. Assamica tea is used to make Yunnan black tea.

Sri Lankan Black Teas

Orange Pekoe

Orange pekoe is a leaf used to make various black teas rather than a particular kind of tea. The term "orange pekoe" today typically refers to a traditional Ceylon black tea, which is typically medium-bodied to full-bodied, with a powerful, sharp flavor and softer floral undertones. India may also be the source of orange pekoe.

Popular Blended Black Teas

English Breakfast

A mix of various black teas called English Breakfast produces a powerful, full-bodied cup with a faintly malty flavor. English breakfasts typically include different teas, such as Darjeeling, in addition to Assam teas.

Earl Grey

One or more black teas and bergamot oil are combined to create the traditional Earl Grey tea. It tastes distinctively lemony. This tea can be enjoyed with or without milk and is fantastic for tea newbies.

Masala Chai

Masala chai is a beverage made from black tea leaves, spices, sugar, and milk, not a sort of tea per se, but currently pre-made mixes are also offered. Assam black tea leaves, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and other spices are used to make the Indian milk tea known as chai masala. It has a comforting, full taste.

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